hair fork with glass beads, agate and seashell decorations
side view
details of the hair fork
good for making hair buns
good for making ponytails too
adding some Asian twist to your hairstyle!
A closer look on the koi fish decorations
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Women Hairpin Japanese Fan Koi Fish Agate Stained glass Hair Pin Stick

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  • A hairpin specially made into shape of folding fan, decorated with a Japanese koi carp fish.
  • A folding fan is a symbol for Chinese and Japanese culture, while green agate represents good fortune.
  • Koi carp fish is the symbol for energy in Japanese and Chinese culture.
  • Flowers made with seashell with a gloss like pearls, highlighted with precious red agate beads.
  • Blue stained glass and porcelain beads inscribed with sparkling gold dust.
  • Metal details and pins made with durable alloy in vintage-style bronze tone.
  • A wonderful gift or simply a nice treat for yourself.
  • Comes with gift box.
  • Exclusive at The Butterfly Bay, while stock lasts!


 Women Hairpin Japanese Fan Koi Fish Agate Stained glass Hair Pin Stick
Style: Hairpin for Women
Agate, seashell, glass, porcelain, alloy, etc.


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