7 Chakra Stone Charm Necklace
7 Chakra Stone Charm Necklace (brown)
7 Chakra Stone Charm Necklace (black)
50cm long, with 5cm of adjustment
pendant is 7.8cm long
The 7 chakras explained
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brown version
black version

7 Chakra Stone Charm Necklace

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This colofrul charm necklace is not just beautiful, but is also designed to bring harmony to the mind, body and spirit.

Each bead of a color corresponds to one of the seven chakras (energy centres), to help balance energy vibrations and heal your chakras that may be affected by negativity in daily life.

Stay connected with your higher self with this unique necklace, and feel the energy of your chakras!

1) Root Chakra (Red Camellia): Basic Trust
2) Sacral Chakra (Orange Amber Resin): Sexuality, Creativity
3) Solar Plexus Chakra (Brown Tiger Eye): Wisdom, Power
4) Heart Chakra (Green Imperial Stone): Love, Healing
5) Throat Chakra (Turquoise): Communication
6) Third Eye Chakra (Blue Lapis Lazuli): Awareness
7) Crown Chakra (Amethyst): Spirituality 

Length: 50cm + 5cm adjustable
Gender: Women
Materials: Camelia, Amber Resin, Tiger Eye, Imperial Stone, Turquoise, Lapis Lazuli, Amethyst, Copper Alloy
Pendant Size: 7.8cm long 


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